Jane Lever is a graduate of the prestigious U.S. Richard Unger International Institute of Hand Analysis and a natural clairvoyant. Through decoding your fingerprints using her knowledge of palmistry to identify your soul’s deepest desires,  the hands then act as a springboard for Jane to utilise her psychic gifts.  In this manner clients are helped in all areas of life concerning career, relationships, health and finances.


James Van Praagh (U.S.A celebrity medium, author and creator of T.V.’S Ghost- whisperer) heard about Jane’s exceptional talents and has now personally endorsed her on his website as one of his exclusive practitioners.


Jane Lever has contributed as a regular columnist for many leading Australian magazines, including having written numerous feature articles for Australia’s best selling New Age magazine “Insight.”



Jane found that while reading her clients hands she became aware of specific issues that were going on in the client’s lives and those of the people closest to them. It was in this manner that her psychic abilities came to the fore.

Sometimes loved ones in the spirit world also use the opportunity to impart factual evidence of their survival through Jane during an appointment.


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